I’ll be in two different apartments, both sixth-floor walk-ups (5ème étage).  The stairs should keep me in reasonable shape (if they don’t kill me outright).  There’s an extra bed in both places — sofa-bed in April and sleeping loft in May; a couple of good friends are planning to visit, each for about a week.

In April I’ll be in the Montorgueil neighborhood, in the 2ème: http://www.paristay.com/paris-apartment-rental/741/Montorgueil…/75002/paris-rentals-montorgueil.html This place has a small outdoor terrace that looks very pleasant.

In May I’ll be near the Pompidou Center in the west end of the Marais:  http://sublet.lodgis.com/en/paris-4/description/10410141-rue-des-juges-consuls-apartment/ (rented directly from the owner at a better rate because he’s a friend of a friend).

Both places are furnished, with kitchens.  They also have such essentials as a washing machine and broadband.  And they are non-smoking … a criterion that excluded several otherwise-attractive options.

In prior visits I’ve always stayed in the Latin Quarter but these apartments are close enough to feel familiar.   Everywhere in Paris is within a few blocks of a Métro stop, but these locations are also within easy walking distance to many of the attractions of central Paris.

Update:  Paris is divided up into 20 arrondissements or districts.  They are often mentioned but most maps don’t delineate them clearly.  Here’s a good map for this purpose (click on the map to see a full-sized version):