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Lunch at Tellus, a cute little restaurant I stumbled on in the 2ème

My first full day got off to a somewhat late start since I’m still a bit time shifted, though not what I would really call “jet lagged”.  I enjoyed making my first breakfast, and just now I’m about to start cooking my first dinner, for which I shopped at the rue Montorgueil fishmonger, vegetable store and fruit store.  The photo is from my very pleasant lunch at Tellus, in the 2ème arrondissement2019 Update: Tellus seems to have closed.

After exploring a few more angles I decided to buy an ordinary SIM card for my old BlackBerry, and limit my new one to wifi.  It’s cumbersome to use two mobile devices, but this gives me a normal French mobile phone, plus access to email and the web when I’m at a hot spot.  The Orange clerk knew no English so the whole transaction had to be conducted in French (which he complimented me on – *blush*).

It was chilly and drizzly for most of the afternoon so I made a beeline for the covered “passages,” 19th century shopping arcades.  There are some photos at Paris-1 I was struck by the variation in the condition and atmosphere of the passages.  Some were well-maintained and the stores verged on elegance, while others were a bit — or quite — run-down.  Sometimes the difference was striking between one end and the other of the same passage.

After the weather cleared up a bit I went exploring, after which I used my Pass Navigo Découverte Mensuel (monthly subway/bus pass) to zip back home.  I continue to be quite impressed by the efficiency of the Paris métro.  A display shows how long you have to wait for the next train and I waited less than a minute for both legs of my return trip.