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This was a bright, sunny day, although still cool. After a somewhat late start Jason and I headed over to the Marais and did a good walking tour, including several art galleries. Lunch was at Le Marché in the Place du Marché Ste-Catherine, near the Place des Vosges:

Jason and Bob enjoy lunch at Le Marché in the Marais.

After lunch we met up with our mutual friend Elliot Marks at Open Café, his favorite café in the Marais (which becomes a gay bar in the evenings).

Elliot Marks at his favorite coffee house in the Marais.

We first met Elliot when he was a Harvard undergraduate from Indiana. He now lives in the Marais with his boyfriend, and they have just signed papers to buy a new, larger place in the 12eme.

Then Jason and I saw the permanent collection on the 5th floor of the Pompidou Center. It has rich material from the first stirrings of modernism through the late 20th century, with even a few contemporary pieces mixed in. I don’t have enough photos yet for another Picasa set, but here’s one showing Jason contemplating a Calder mobile:

Jason contemplating a Calder mobile.

Jason is out getting his daily workout at a congenial local gym. I’m finishing My Name is Red and planning on a good night’s sleep. I must get back into the habit of swimming, however, to balance all this excellent French food!