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I joked the other day about Jason being stranded in Paris but it’s not so funny now that it has actually happened. His Monday flight to Boston was canceled and the earliest he could re-book is Friday. I’m happy to host him for a few more days but he has to get back to work! He’ll do his best to work remotely, but the delay is quite a pain in the neck for him. In case you haven’t been following the volcano story closely, the link I like best is this New York Times graphic showing the malignant cloud and which airports are closed.

Both of us have been a bit under the weather the past couple of days but it was a gorgeous day so we spent part of it in the Jardin des Plantes:

Grande Galerie de l’Evolution at the Jardin des Plantes.

After a very authentic Middle-Eastern lunch at the restaurant of le Grande Mosquée de Paris we toured the Grande Galerie de l’Evolution. It’s an odd museum; it gives the impression that a dowdy old natural history museum, filled with stuffed animals, was deconstructed and redesigned as a place aimed first and foremost at sparking awe at the rich diversity of life on earth. Many of the animals have been sprung from their interpretive dioramas and allowed to roam across the main floor of the atrium, in a glorious but impossible parade, reminiscent of the genre of “lion lying down with the lamb” paintings:

The Grande Galerie de l’Evolution is an odd but oddly engaging museum.

I wouldn’t put this museum at the top of your Paris must-see list but it was a worthwhile way to spend a few hours.

Our “farewell dinner” — destined now it seems to be one of (at least) two — is scheduled for le Grand Colbert.