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Another gorgeous day — ho hum. Jason and I took a long walk through the 7ème arrondissement, starting at rue du Bac and ending up at Trocadero. The highlight for me was the lovely garden of the Rodin museum, filled with sun and birdsong as well as statues.

Garden of the Rodin museum.

There are more photos from the Rodin museum in the new photo set, which is up at Paris-8

After lunch we strolled down rue Cler, a market street that rivals — but does not surpass — my beloved rue Montorgueil. Then we walked through the gardens of Les Invalides and took a look at the Unesco headquarters and an exhibition there. Detouring around the massive École Militaire, we approached the Eiffel Tower along the Champ de Mars.

Eiffel Tower and Bob.

I have dinner planned with locals each of the next three evenings: a friend from Boston who lives here part of the year, my cousin Lisa, and Jacques, a grad student whom I met through the internet. I just got a couple of messages from other folks proposing coffee or whatnot. And of course Jason is still here. Apart from a few solitary days at the start of the trip my stay has been quite sociable.