Jason was finally able to return to Boston today; the morning was mostly occupied with him getting packed. I’ll miss his companionship but it’s good that he’s able to get back to his regular life. One annoyance from the delay is that Jason’s car got towed, but he planned to take a taxi from the airport to the tow lot to minimize the damage.

For the first time I went out to the store before breakfast, because we had forgotten to buy milk the night before. I was struck by how nice it was in the early morning (and I liked having a perfectly fresh baguette rather than the one from last night). I’ll have to re-think my daily habits to see whether I can build that into my routine.

After Jason got away I focused on some practical issues relating to the change of apartments at the end of the month. One task was to pull 1,750 euros from my credit card to pay the rent and the deposit for my May rental. Since this exceeded my daily limit for ATM withdrawals I went into a bank. The receptionist said I could do this at a teller. After waiting about ten minutes the teller told me I had to go to a different branch. After waiting fifteen minutes at the second branch the clerk told me she had no money and I had to go to a third branch. At the third branch, after waiting another ten minutes, I was told that there was a 1,000 euro maximum, but I could get the rest on Monday. (And the withdrawal itself took another fifteen minutes!) I left with the impression that French banks are set up to hoard money, not to dole it out.

I enjoyed an article in today’s le Parisien showing the relative popularity of world leaders in a six-country poll (U.S., Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain and France).  Obama is out front at 77%, followed closely by the Dalai Lama at 75%.  Hillary Clinton comes in next at 62%, followed by Angela Merkel at 54%.  Sarkozy and Ban Ki-Moon muster just a feeble 37%.

This afternoon I had a pleasant coffee with a friend of a friend who is planning to marry his partner in Boston this summer (Colt). Then I had a cozy and affectionate drink and dinner with a Parisian whom I had met through the Internet (Jacques).

The weather today was just about perfect. Cool in the morning but sunny and warming up to short sleeve temperatures by mid-day. I can’t believe the run of lovely weather we’ve had, and the forecast is for more of the same!

Weather Forecast April 24, 2010