The highlight of the day was a brisk walk and a very authentic lunch with my Internet friend Hugo.

Hugo at Le Relais de Venise – L’Entrecôte.

It’s easy to order at the place he took me, since all they need to know is how you want your beef cooked (“à point” of course).  Everything else is automatic: a little salad, then a plate heaped with beef and French fries, including seconds. I wish I’d known about this place when I visited Paris with my nephew in 2008 because he would have loved it. (Those who know my dietary fastidiousness will realize what a bad influence Hugo is already having, but I’m relying on the “French exception.”)

After lunch I tackled a couple of errands, including the most challenging yet — getting renter’s insurance for my May apartment.  Mission accomplished, although it stretched my French, and the agent’s English, close to the breaking point.

Then I saw a powerful Israeli film, Ajami.  Fortunately it was in “v.o.” (original version) so I could follow the dialogue in French subtitles.  If it had been dubbed into French I think I would have been lost.

The evening was topped off with a good dinner at a Kurdish restaurant in the neighborhood (Dilan).  Early to bed since I have to catch a 9:15 cruise boat tomorrow morning.

Mot du jour: “à point” (restaurant order). Literally, “to the point” but actually a rough equivalent of “medium-rare”.