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Most of the day was taken up with cleaning, packing, moving, unpacking, etc.

I did get in another swim this morning, however.  This trip has been the first time I’ve swum laps since I broke my arm a few years ago.  It has been good to confirm that my arm has fully recovered.  I’m still in the paddler’s area for now but my goal is to work my way up by the end of my stay to the faster lanes, with the athletes.  I can dream, can’t I?

OK, the new place (where I will be for the month of May) is gorgeous — a real lived-in apartment rather than a place intended to be rented.

My May apartment in morning light, from the master bed (there’s also a futon in the rafters).

And the neighborhood is touristy but not all that bad.  I had a nice dinner at an authentic-seeming place in the next block, Le Verre Luisant.  People actually spoke French!  And the fact that I got into a pleasant conversation with the Swiss couple at the next table wasn’t bad either.  So the second half of my stay is off to a good start.  One more night in Montorgueil, then closing inventory with my landlord at 10 am.  Then an urban hike with my cousin in the afternoon.

Mot du Jour:  “l’empire du Milieu” (Le Monde).  China (“the middle kingdom”).