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A stubbed toe slowed me down a bit today, but we still managed to cover some ground.  We started out with a walk through my beloved former neighborhood, Montorgueil. Somehow a wine vendor managed to sell me a bottle of Bordeaux that I didn’t really need, although at 3,95 Euros I figured I couldn’t go far wrong.

Somehow this vendor on rue Montorgueil managed to sell me a bottle of wine.

Then I did a few errands and Jaime got in a run, to and around the Jardin de Luxembourg.  After lunch (at Le Drapeau – ok but nothing special) we wandered through the Marais, stopping at art galleries, chocolate shops, etc.   Among the spots we stumbled on that were new to me was passage du Trésor, a short dead-end street lined with art galleries, restaurants and flowers.

What a Treasure!

After a nice chat with Elliot Marks at the Open Café, and soaking in the ambiance at the Place des Vosges, we walked over to Place de la Bastille. I went home on the métro to nurse my toe while Jaime continued to wander.

We had dinner at a restaurant recommended by one of Jaime’s friends, Les Deux Canards. The way the restaurant fetichized its historical authenticity became, in my eyes, a form of inauthenticity — the term “kitsch” comes to mind. It was a fun evening anyway, but the experience further heightened my interest in the question of what travel experiences are “real” and what are “fake.” I may post an essay on this topic at some point.

The next set of photos is up:  Paris-11 This is a real grab-bag, including friends and family, art from the Musée de Cluny and the Louvre, cultural images, architecture — you name it.  I hope you find something to enjoy there.

Mot du jour: “pléonasme” (Balzac). English: “pleonasm” (look that up in your Funk & Wagnalls!)