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We slept in almost until noon, except that Jaime went out for a long run.

My cosy sleeping loft in the rafters, with Jaime doing Facebook below.

After brunch Jaime and I tackled the Pompidou Center, which has a permanent collection of modern art and exhibitions of more contemporary work. Again, I saw a lot that I had missed or overlooked in my visit with Jason, so the repetition wasn’t a problem.

Dinner was a Harvard Gay & Lesbian Caucus Paris Chapter event at L’Absinthe Café. Nine members attended in all and it was a very convivial evening.

HGLC Paris Chapter Dinner.

We got home shortly after midnight and we decided to make it a night, despite the siren song of gay Paree.

Mot du Jour: “St. Jacques” (L’Absinthe Cafe menu item). This is short for “Coquilles Saint-Jacques”. “Coquille” literally means “shell” but the phrase refers to a particular variety of scallop found in the Mediterranean and North Seas. They are served whole, including the orange “roe” as well as the white adductor muscle that is commonly served in the U.S. The phrase “noix Saint-Jacques,” with “noix” literally being “nuts”, has the same meaning.