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This morning was mostly taken up with Jaime getting packed. Then we took a last walk by the Seine. We sat for a while on the quai at the upstream tip of L’île Saint-Louis contemplating the sadness of his departure mingled with the pleasure of a wonderful stay and the calmness of a lovely Sunday morning.

After wishing Jaime bon voyage I headed back up to the Montorgueil neighborhood to have brunch with Alexis, a friend of a friend who has just moved back to Paris after six years in the U.S. We had a great conversation and I hope to introduce him before I leave to some of the other folks I’ve met here. We were taken aback to discover that we had lived for three years within a couple blocks of each other in Central Square, Cambridge, without ever meeting.

I spent the rest of the afternoon doing practical chores: shopping, laundry, etc. My usual boulangerie was closed (due, of course, to the fact that May 8 is the Fête de la Victoire 1945, one of those pesky jours férié) so I set out on an Odyssey in search of my evening baguette. Bakery after bakery were also closed, and I began to worry that I would go breadless! I did have to walk back up to Montorgueil but I got my daily bread, along with a concert from a sidewalk jazz band.

The next few days should be rather quiet. Then Michael, my last visitor, will arrive on Thursday from Sweden for a long weekend.