Rainy and rather chilly. I went for a swim this morning, then had a pleasant lunch at a nearby restaurant, La P’tit Cantine.  After lunch I went to see the exhibit of Indian Miniatures at the Bibliothèque nationale de France – Site François-Mitterrand. Photography wasn’t permitted but there’s a nice virtual tour of the exhibit on line. Here’s a piece that I especially like — click on the image to zoom in, which is where a miniature really shows its glory:

The exhibition was well worth seeing, and I was particularly gratified to finally see it since I had tried and failed twice before (first because I had the wrong branch and then because I went on a jour férié). One reason I was especially interested in the exhibit is that I recently finished Orhan Pamuk’s My Name is Red, which concerns dastardly doings among painters of miniatures in Istanbul.

Light dinner at home, then I may go out to see a movie or have a drink at a local bar.

Mot du jour: “outre-Manche” (le Monde). The other side of the English Channel from France, i.e. in Britain.