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I started the day with a swim in the Olympic pool at Les Halles.  It’s quite a good facility, but always crowded.  That won’t be relevant this summer, however, because the pool will be closed from June 5 through the end of September (sorry, Lewis!)

This afternoon I explored Auteuil and Passy, the Beaux Quartiers.  I’d avoided them on prior trips because they sounded boring but I was impressed by a glimpse on my morning walk with Hugo last week so I thought I’d give them a closer look.  That also seemed like a good place to go on an overcast day, both because I could duck into a building if it started to pour and because even light can be good for architectural photography.  Here are a couple of shots I liked:

Canyon of wealth in Auteuil. Lovely but rather sterile.

Fabulous apartment building in Passy.

On the whole I found these neighborhoods nice to look at but not attractive to live in.  There doesn’t seem to be as good a mix of shops and cafés as usual, and I found all the spoiled rich kids hanging around rather off-putting.

On my way home I had a second encounter with a terrific busker orchestra in the Métro.

A wonderful orchestra, busking in the Métro.

My last house guest arrived this evening, Michael Åhs.  I met Michael through the Humanist group in Boston where he was finishing up a masters degree at Harvard.  He’s now back in Sweden so it’s a relatively short trip for him.   After dinner we went out to a jazz club.  The group played a mix of U.S., French and African jazz, including a bongo player.