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Today was mostly a rest day after the long weekend with Michael and my Parisian friends.  My May apartment is not a bad place to spend a few extra hours!

1, rue des juges consul, in morning light.

I did some errands, then had lunch at a place that was highly recommended by the Rough Guide, Le Petit Marcel, on rue Rambuteau.  The food was good and the service was agreeable (apart from insisting on cash with no prior warning), but the couple on one side spoke English and the group on the other side spoke Spanish.  If you didn’t speak French you wouldn’t have much choice; you would have to go to a place that would cater to you.  But I realized that I’ve been spoiled by the mostly-French places that my Parisian friends have been taking me to.  A good touristy restaurant just won’t do it for me any more.

I took a nap after lunch, then people-watched and nursed a noisette at Open Café for an hour or so.  I got into a nice conversation with the young French couple at the next table, en Français bien sûr, then after they left I had another conversation with the middle-aged tourist from San Francisco the next table over.  Before dinner I took a few photos around the islands.

The quai at the tip of L'île Saint-Louis, late afternoon.

Dinner was at L’Absinthe Café with a Harvard friend, Steve, who is teaching an architecture course here through the latter part of June.  He’s studying edgy projects that re-use abandoned buildings, which takes his group to lots of interesting parts of the city.