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Lovely again today, and warm enough for short sleeves (for about the fourth time since I’ve been in Paris).  I headed out to the Parc de Bagatelle, which had been suggested by my friend Richard Pillard.  I realized that the early spring flowers would have passed, and that it would be too early for their world-famous roses, but I was hoping that the irises would be in bloom. As it happened, most of the irises had been delayed by all the cold weather, but the early blooms were beautiful, and the park itself was very nice.  My best photos from the day are at Paris-15.  [I visited again, at peak for both roses and irises, in 2019. My photos from both years are in my Parc de Bagatelle Photo Set.]

An early iris at Parc de Bagatelle, with the park’s cute little Trianon in the background.

Instead of taking the bus back to Porte Maillot I decided to walk a couple of miles across the Bois de Boulogne to Passy and pick up the métro there.  This proved to be a very pleasant stroll, including the manicured Jardin du Pré Catalan and the upper and lower lakes.  Since I had a bit of time to spare I had a noisette on the private terrace of La Gare, a posh restaurant in a cute little former railroad station at La Muette.

I got back just in time for a non-alcoholic drink at Open Café with Rob, who I had been chatting with for a while on the Internet.  He is an American from Florida who has been living and working in Amsterdam for the past four years.  We had a good conversation and I made some suggestions about how to enjoy his week in Paris.

Then I joined a sweet Parisian friend for a beer and an authentic and delicious Thai meal at a nearby restaurant.  I had treated him to dinner at Le Loup Blanc (which closed in 2014) earlier in my stay, and this evening he insisted on paying for everything, even though he is still in graduate school.  Our friendship is mostly Platonic, since he is in a committed relationship (hence no name or photo), but it is nevertheless very sympa.  He is the only friend I have made here with whom I speak almost exclusively in French, which adds an additional touch of charm.

Two snafus have surfaced in the past few days, both involving my entering a date wrong — off by a day — in my date book.  One error occurred several weeks back when I booked my Prague trip and the other was on Monday.  I’ve hit an awful lot of marks over the course of this trip so I’m not unduly concerned, but if this sort of thing keeps happening I’m going to have to stay home and tend my petunias!