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Just got back (very late on Friday the 21st) from a whirlwind trip to Prague to see my old friend David Ayres. It was great seeing him, meeting Marek, his partner of fifteen years, and visiting the house they are building in Novy Bor, a town about 1-1/2 hours north of Prague.  I stayed in David’s terrific condo in Mala Strana, a few steps from the Charles Bridge. Prague is even more beautiful than I remembered, which is saying something, and I also got a chance to see some of the Bohemian countryside near Novy Bor. Here’s a glimpse of Prague:

Prague’s Old Town and Charles Bridge from Mala Strana.

And here’s a photo of David and Marek:

David and Marek

My twenty best photos from the visit are up at Prague Twenty Best Photo Set.

There was a travel snafu at Charles de Gaulle airport when my flight from Prague arrived, just before midnight.  The regional train (RER) wasn’t running to the airport stops so you had to figure out that you needed to take a shuttle to “Roissyport”, then a free bus to Aulnay-sous-Bois, then the RER from there.  The only explanation of all this was a cryptic notice on a screen that left even Parisians baffled.  The upshot was there was lots of running around and sharing of information with fellow travelers, but there was a happy ending (for my group at least).  I ended up shepherding a cute couple from Cornell through the daunting labyrinth of Châtelet-Les Halles, out to Rue du Rivoli and into a taxi. Then it was home to bed for me, well after 1 am.

Addendum: The morning of my trip to Prague I strolled down my street, the whole length of the Marais. At 23, rue du Roi de Sicile (the street name changes) I happened on a very enjoyable gallery of contemporary photography, Galerie Wanted. I was impressed by the quality of the images on the main floor but when I went downstairs I was amazed by the gallery’s size — the Louvre of contemporary photography! They had interesting images by dozens of photographers, often in a relatively affordable price range. Well worth a visit. 2019  Update: Seems to have closed.