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Yet another beautiful day, not only warm but actually rather hot. Needless to say, I loved it after the long, chilly spring! My first stop was an agricultural fair along the Champs-Élysée. After fifteen minutes or so I was ready to continue with my day, but then I realized that this presented a great opportunity for candid photos, since there were a lot of interesting folks and everyone was snapping pictures anyway. So I went to town.

“Young Farmer” at the agricultural fair. (I suspect that he was posing to show off his diamond ear stud!)

Candid at the agricultural fair.

More candids are in the latest Picasa set, along with flowers, friends and buildings: Paris-16

Lunch was with my HGLC friend Steve Rivera and his partner Israel at La Chaise au Plafond in the Marais. It was great to catch up with Steve and to meet Israel.

Israel and Steve at lunch in the Marais.

Bob at lunch in the Marais with Steve and Israel.

After a little nap I headed out to do one of the last of my fifty Paris CityWalks, Les Batignolles. It turned out to be a somewhat mixed but ultimately quite charming and domestic neighborhood, with hardly any tourists. I had a nice dinner there at Terrasse 17. It wasn’t haute cuisine but it was creative, tasty and moderately priced. The Square des Batignolles was a pleasant place to write postcards in the late afternoon.

Square des Batignolles, and sleepy duck, late afternoon.

I mentioned on the first warm day in Montorgueil that the privacy level suddenly dropped because everyone opened all their windows, since they have neither air-conditioning nor venetian blinds. I can now report on the first hot evening in the Marais that they also take off (almost) all their clothes. My closest neighbors on both streets are quite well-built so this isn’t unpleasant, but I’m not used to such a high level of neighborly intimacy. You can’t help seeing when you look out your window but I presume that there’s a social taboo on peeping intentionally. This apartment is comfortable when you open it up, since it’s among the rooftops and has windows on three sides.