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Another nice day, although the weather is supposed to turn rainy the next few days. I started out at the Ménilmontant market. In addition to the full range of fruits and vegetables it also has a little of everything — clothing, plastic goods, etc. After I snapped a photo of this fellow’s stall he asked me to take his portrait, which of course I was happy to do.

This handsome vendor asked me to take his photo at Ménilmontant Market.

I was impressed by the diversity of vendors and shoppers, many of whom seemed to speak Arabic rather than French. There were no other tourists as far as I could tell.

I then met up with Taline and we explored Père Lachaise cemetery together. It’s a lovely place but I confess that I was in a somewhat irreverent mood.

Oscar Wilde’s tomb is covered with kisses.

If you go it’s important to have a good map, as I learned with my nephew in 2008. I recommend that you print out these two maps: Popular Gravesites and Street Map.

There are more photos from Ménilmontant Market and Père Lachaise on Picasa at Paris-17.

Taline and I had lunch at a non-touristy bistrot in Gambetta (20e). The waiter gave us a little attitude but was fine in the end. There was a funny moment after the main course when I asked for “la carte“. The waiter said “une ou deux?” and I said “deux,” thinking that he was busting my chops. He then arrived with two “tartes (du jour)”! After we sorted things out, and got our menus, Taline and I ended up sharing one very tasty apricot tart.

Dinner was at my old favorite, L’Absinthe Café, with my high school classmate Ingrid and her husband Mike. After dessert we decided to share our first absinthe. It was quite a production! After the liqueur was poured into a glass a lump of sugar was placed in a special spoon, then ice water was drizzled from a special container through the sugar into the glass. It had a strong licorice scent and anise taste, which I rather liked.

Ingrid, my high school classmate, and her husband, Mike, with desserts at L’Absinthe Café.

Ingrid and Mike with our first (shared) absinthe, at L’Absinthe Café.