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On Tuesday I saw an excellent exhibit at the Hôtel de Ville on Paris in the Age of Impressionism (the catalog being my third souvenir), then had lunch with Thierry, a Parisian artist who I had met a couple weeks ago. He showed me his studio, which has wonderful natural light (and, when it rains, natural water!).

Thierry's Studio

Thierry’s Studio

He proposed my sitting for a small portrait sculpture. I was flattered and if the schedule works out I plan to do it. Here are two of his recent (much larger) commissioned sculptures.

Thierry's Male Head

Thierry’s Male Head

Thierry's Female Head

Thierry’s Female Head

Le Chateaubriand has been getting a lot of press lately, most recently in the New York Times. It’s a modest-looking place in a relatively modest part of the 11eme, but its rock-star chef has been drawing attention. Antoine and I tried it out on Tuesday night. My favorite dish was this sous-vide chicken (the pink color is normal for the cooking method and did not mean it was underdone).

Sous Vide Chicken

Sous-Vide Chicken, Le Chateaubriand

The full set of food-porn photos is at  Le Chateaubriand Photo Set.

There were some complexities to the evening. Reservations are necessary for the first seating, at 7:30, so we arrived at 9:00, hoping for the second seating, starting at 9:30. We ended up waiting more than an hour to be seated, after a little anxiety about whether our place in line was going to be respected. A few glasses of wine, and a conversation with a very friendly couple, helped pass the time. The restaurant serves a set menu in the evenings, except you can ask them to omit ingredients that you are allergic to or don’t like. The food was creative and fresh, as advertised. Most often the unusual combinations of flavors worked surprisingly well. Our only real complaint was that Antoine’s fish course was underdone, and we felt rushed by the way plates kept arriving before we had finished the previous one. Nevertheless, it was on the whole quite an enjoyable evening.

Bob and Antoine at Chateaubriand

Bob and Antoine at Chateaubriand

Also, I just posted a short video clip of people walking by my café table on rue Montorgueil.  Maybe this will give you some idea of why I’m so fond of this neighborhood.

Mot du jour: “Miviludes.”  An acronym for “Mission interministérielle de vigilance et de lutte contre les dérives sectaires,” which I would translate as “Interministerial Mission of Vigilance and Fight Against Sectarianism,” a recently-formed initiative of the French government. Politics is very different here!