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This time of year is always bittersweet: the days are wonderfully long, yet they also start getting shorter. That feeling is doubly so for me, since I am beginning the last week of my petit séjour, and already planning my farewells.

Jared and I slept in on Saturday morning; this year my days have mostly started around 10 and ended around 2, which is about four hours later than in Boston. After a late breakfast we met up with Geoff for coffee in the Marais. He went ahead and had lunch before we arrived since we weren’t hungry yet. After yet another good conversation Jared and I followed his suggestion and had lunch at Des Gars dans la Cuisine (the guys in the kitchen) on rue Veille du Temple.

Des Gars dans la Cuisine

Des Gars dans la Cuisine

The lunch formule was a good value at 14 euros but the a la carte prices were twice that for a plat alone so I wouldn’t recommend the place for dinner.

We continued up to the Haut Marais. Jared especially liked Le Marché des enfants rouges. I could see renting on one of the quiet streets in this area another year; not too close, however, to the somewhat sketchy place de la République.

That evening we met Darko and Mathias for dinner at Chameleon, not far, as luck would have it, from where Jared and I had been walking that afternoon.

IMG_8893 MED

The service was warm and friendly, the ambiance was pleasant, and the food and wine were good and reasonably priced. I would recommend this restaurant.

After dinner we had a drink at Bonne Nouvelle, the bar that Geoff had introduced us to a few nights before. Once again I was impressed by the warm welcome I got from the barman. Mathias pronounced the place marrant, which I think was a compliment (but I’m not sure). After finishing our drinks he and I went home, while Jared and Darko headed down to the Marais for le clubbing.

The next morning Jared had only about an hour for breakfast and packing, then he was off to the airport. The weather was cloudy with persistent rain showers so I spent most of the day inside, blogging, doing laundry and reading. A record low on my fitbit!  The weather and Lisa’s visit to a bereaved colleague derailed our plan to take an afternoon walk, but late afternoon coffee at LB gave us the opportunity for a tête à tête.

Off tomorrow by Eurostar for two nights in London.

Mot du jour: « marrant ». “Funny”, but can also mean “comic” or even “bizarre”.