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On Monday, after completing the big blog post for our weekend trip, I enjoyed an exhibit of painted photographs by Pierre et Gilles at Galerie Daniel Templon near the Pompidou Center. A tame example is below, and this is a link to my full NSFW photo set.

O hé Matelot (Hey Sailor), 2012

O hé Matelot (Hey Sailor), 2012

Most of the depicted heroes are familiar, but this particular guy is a special case. He’s the “hero” of a French song, Il était un petit navire (There was a little sailor), that has become a children’s song despite being about narrowly-averted cannibalism (of the hero).

You have to know where the exhibit is since Galerie Daniel Templon is at the end of a deep interior courtyard, and even there its windows are covered. The pieces run about 100,000 euros in case you’d like to own one. There’s also a catalog of the exhibit for 30 euros.

Mot du jour: Si ça te dit. Literally, “if it speaks to you.” Actually, something like, “if you wish” or “if that pleases you.” French guys have used this phrase several times in online chats this year. 2019 Update: Eugène was briefly puzzled when I mentioned this phrase, then recalled that it had been current a few years before but was now passé. Le plus ça change !