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Jason and I had planned to rent bikes at Versailles on his last day in Paris, but the forecast was discouraging so we made it a museum day instead.

After a sleepy start we set out to search for Breton food, and landed at the Bar du Marché des Blancs Manteaux on rue Vielle du Temple. The service and decor were nice, and we had pretty good gallettes (similar to crêpes but made with a different batter and with a salty filling) despite the iffy Yelp ratings.

After lunch we visited the Carnavalet, the museum of the history of the city of Paris. It’s a wonderful omnium-gatherum of art and artefacts relevant to Paris that don’t quite make the cut to get into one of the fine art museums. It’s hard to give any real idea of the scope of the collection but here are a few pics.

Yves Alix, L'escalier roulante (1928). Musée Carnavalet.

Yves Alix, L’escalier roulante (1928). Musée Carnavalet.

Marcel Proust's cork-lined room at Musée Carnavalet.

Marcel Proust’s cork-lined room at Musée Carnavalet.

Bob with peacock at Musée Carnavalet.

Bob with art deco peacock at Musée Carnavalet.

After the museum Jason and I shared a delicious apricot-pistachio tart, did some shopping and took afternoon naps. Then we headed out to Nanashi for dinner with my French friend Alexis. As we were waiting outside the restaurant this tranquil doorway caught my eye.

Hôtel de Sauroy, rue Charlot in the Haute Marais.

Hôtel de Sauroy, rue Charlot in the Haut Marais.

After a good meal, and a good conversation, Alexis led the way to Candelaria, a hip cocktail bar quite nearby. The entrance is through a tiny, garishly-lit taco bar, but if you get past the doorman you’re ushered through the back door into a large, candle-lit bar, reminiscent of the Experimental Cocktail Club in Montorgueil. We enjoyed tasty and remarkably complex cocktails, and more good conversation, as a fitting end to Jason’s visit.

Bob and Jason toasting Alexis at Candelaria.

Bob and Jason toasting Alexis at Candelaria.

This morning Jason packed, ate a quick breakfast and headed to the airport. In an excess of caution I checked the RATP Etat du Réseau site in case there might be any delay. It was lucky I did since the train to Charles de Gaulle airport was skipping Châtelet due to an abandoned package! We figured out an alternate route and Jason is on his way to Bulgaria for the second part of his European trip.