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The Picasso Museum in Paris has been closed for renovations almost the whole time I’ve been making my spring pilgrimages: more than five years. It opened late in 2014 so I could have seen it last spring but I didn’t get around to it. C.N. had it on his agenda, though, so I saw it with him this morning. I’ve always had reservations about Picasso: too much stuff, too many styles, too much ego. Of course he was a genius; he painted some of the iconic images of the 20th century, Les Demoselles d’Avignon, Guernica, etc. But what would it mean to say you “like” Picasso? I like some of his work, but frankly a lot of it looks like junk to me. That off my chest I did enjoy the museum; there were enough pieces that I liked to make it worthwhile.

It’s in a beautiful old hôtel particulier (mansion) in a lovely area of the Marais.

IMG_2053 MED

IMG_2069 MED

Here are a few of my favorites pieces.

Bob interrogating "Tête de femme", Boisgeloup, 1931-1932

Bob interrogating “Tête de femme” (head of a woman), Boisgeloup (1931-1932)

"Buste de femme", Boisgeloup (1931)

Buste de femme“, Boisgeloup (1931)

"Femme à l'enfant" (woman with child) (1961)

Femme à l’enfant” (woman with child) (1961)

"Portrait de Marie-Thérèse" (1937)

Portrait de Marie-Thérèse” (1937)

Self Portrait, Blue Period (1901)

Self Portrait, Blue Period (1901)

"Carnet de dessins No 30, dit du Chef-d'oeuvre innconu" (notebook of designs No. 30, called the Unknown Masterpiece) (1924)

Carnet de dessins No 30, dit du Chef-d’oeuvre innconu” (notebook of designs No. 30, called the Unknown Masterpiece) (1924)

"Instruments de musique sur un guéridon" (musical instruments on a side table) (1914-15)

Instruments de musique sur un guéridon” (musical instruments on a side table) (1914-15)

As usual for me, certain aspects of the building itself caught my eye in addition to the art.



The third floor was closed, so I’ll have to go back. Perhaps when some other friend wants to see the collection.