Since my first year, when I came for the full months of April and May, my springs in Paris have included the full month of June. Initially I came for both May and June, but most recently I’ve gone somewhere else for the first two weeks of May (Italy in 2015 and the south of France in 2016), but then settled down in Paris for six weeks. This year, however, the schedule of my cousins — and the prospect of a May Day walk with Lisa! — brought me to Paris at the end of April. I rashly supposed that six weeks in Paris would be “enough,” and I didn’t feel the need for a longer break, so I scheduled my return flight for June 11.

Only after arriving and looking at the schedule for June did I realize how much I would be missing! I looked into extending to the end of the month. Changing my Delta flight would be punitively expensive, but I found a remarkably cheap direct flight on Norwegian Shuttle that would give me another couple of weeks here. I could stay in my cozy apartment for an additionaly week at the monthly rate, then could easily find another place for the last week. Only after a friend asked to stay with me in Boston for the first week I was scheduled back did I drop the idea and finally decide to stick with my original plan.

One of the many reasons to consider extending was the fact that my good friend Jared R. — who has stayed with me in Paris twice — is arriving for a week on June 12, the day after I leave! Partly for him, and partly to remind me to stay through the end of June in future years, here is a partial list of the cool stuff happening here in the latter part of June, plus my own favorites from earlier in the trip.

One of my favorite ephemeral things this year in Paris was the Au dela des limites immersive light show is on until September 9. The similar Klimt/Schiele/Hundertwasser light show is also good if one particularly likes those artists.

Surprisingly, none of the museum shows this year particularly floated my boat, but the gallery show that most strongly impressed me this year was of Afro Libio Basaldella (1912-1976), better known as “Afro,” at the Tornabuoni Art gallery in the Marais. The artist — who I hadn’t heard of — was born in Italy and worked there and in the U.S. One example is below, but if you like it please look at: [“Afro” Photo Set]. It closes on June 16.

Most importantly, La Fête de la Musique is, as always, on June 21. This has been an important part of my visits ever since I first stumbled on it in 2011: 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016.

The new exhibitions at the always-edgy-and-sometimes-fabulous Palais de Tokyo open on June 22. Update: they look pretty cool. Foolishly, I missed the exhibitions that closed in May.

Paris Gay Pride (the Marche des Fiertés LGBT) is on June 30 this year.

The Heures heureuses (happy hours), in which restaurants all over the city offer a little drink or a little tapas plate for 2 euros, have been slipping later each year, and in 2018 are 5-7 July. I wouldn’t extend just for that, but I did enjoy the occasion in prior years, when it was held in late June.

My general advice on things to do in Paris is in my post After the Top Ten Sights. Additionally, Time Out Paris has just launched a free weekly magazine, distributed in métro stations.