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Hassan Musa, a Sudanese native who lives and works in France, uses a mix of paint and fabric to make trenchant social and political points. These are a few pieces from a small personal exhibition, “Steal Lifes,” at the tiny but lively Galerie Maïa Muller in the Marais.

Self portrait, “Steal Lifes”

This enormous tapestry, “The Snake Charmer,” filled most of a wall

Detail of “The Snake Charmer”

Close detail of “The Snake Charmer”

This breathtaking piece called “The Fiancées of Istanbul” shows the late Adnan Khashoggi with the Odalisque of Ingres. (He entered the Saudi consulate, where he was brutally assassinated, seeking paperwork to allow him to marry.)

The Odalisque makes another appearance with elements of the contemporary Food Pyramid

I really like the combination of arrestingly beautiful objects with trenchant and chilling points. I usually subscribe to the Sam Goldwyn aphorism, “if you have a message, call Western Union,” but in this case I was disarmed by the passion of the message and the exotic charm of the medium.

Note to younger readers: Sam Goldwyn was the head for decades of a big movie studio, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM). Western Union was the company that delivered “telegrams,” which were paper versions of email messages, back in the dark ages before the Internet. He’s saying that he makes movies to entertain, not to send messages.