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On Sunday we slept in, then headed back up towards the 20ème. Our first stop, however, was at Nanashi in the 3ème, where we had also enjoyed a lunch in 2016. My first day navigating without aid of a cell phone left a bit to be desired, but all’s well that ends well.

Sherard at Nanashi. I had thought from the menu on the blackboard that one had to choose from one of three salads, A, B or C …

… however, as with brunch last year at Les Enfants Perdues, one got all three.

We continued up to see a few more of the Belleville Open Studios, as described in an earlier post, then headed up for a drink at Rosa Bonheur at the top of the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, a guinguette that becomes an open air gay bar on fine Sunday afternoons. We bought a bottle of rosé because that’s what you do, then looked for a place to sit.
The best spot we could find was one end of a picnic table, the other end of which was occupied by two boorish Germans who were chatting up a cute-ish French boy. Things got complex when a very cute French guy with a cute puppy and accompanied by a cute American girl asked to join our table. We had a delightful conversation with the newcomers, despite the somewhat distracting Germans.

Cute French guy and his dog, with distracting German, at Rosa Bonheur.

When I asked permission for a photo the French guy said yes, and asked for the url to my Paris blog, so he may even read this! Unfortunately, I presumed that the newcomers were a straight couple that had wandered by accident into Rosa Bonheur, so I stood up to go without asking for the guy’s email. Sherard explained later that the guy was gay, the American girl was just a social friend, and I had committed an regrettable wing man lapse!

That evening we decided to have dinner at Les Artizans, a well-reviewed if somewhat empty restaurant right next to our building on rue Montorgueil. We both ordered the duck breast, which was excellent.

Duck breast for two at Les Artizans

We hadn’t initially planned on dessert, but when our waitress explained that the desserts were prepared on the floor above by an artizan pastry chef, and showed us the options, we had to try one.

Dessert options at Les Artizans.