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Wednesday was another rainy day, so… Wait, are you seeing a pattern here? Yes, June started with two warm and sunny days, then has reverted to the chilly and rainy weather that characterized May. It’s been too cold to leave the windows open! I’ve been tempted a few times to figure out how to turn on the heat! Here’s hoping that the second half of June will be more seasonable.

I mostly blogged on Wednesday, but I did go out for lunch at a well-reviewed local restaurant, L’Agrume. It was really excellent!

Main course for lunch at l’Agrume

As I’ve encountered a few times before there were three appetizers, but when I tried to order one of them the server explained that one got all three! At the end of the meal a French woman at the adjacent table struck up a conversation, in which she confided the fact that this was the best restaurant in the quarter.

That evening was a bit complex. My host, who is traveling in Portugal, arranged for his friend to come by after work to try to get the projection TV working. Then at midnight I planned to join my contemporary book group on video for the discussion of Saul Bellow’s Henderson the Rain King. It seemed too complex to try to organize dinner in between, so I just planned to eat at home. However, Tom texted that his own dinner plan had fallen through, so I invited him over. He helped with the TV issue, then we strolled up rue Mouffetard to forage for food. His initial suggestion was Iranian food, but I said I was planning an Iranian meal for Friday night. Then he proposed a Japanese place, but it was jammed and noisy. So we happily agreed to eat at exactly the same crêperie as last week. We were seated in the identical seats, and we ordered the identical galettes. Why mess with success? After dinner Tom came back to watch something on my new TV. We were stymied at every turn, however, either by geographical issues or password problems! We finally decided to just talk, like in the old days, until he had to leave to let me join my my book group. The next morning I finally did get Netflix working, so I hope we’ll have another opportunity to watch something before I leave.

On Thursday it was rainy again, so I headed for another museum, this time the Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris, which I’ll blog about next. I obediently left my umbrella at the door, but by the time I finished lunch the sun had come out so I predictably forgot it when I left. I eagerly strolled along the Seine picking off some “now” photos for my Then and Now photo set, which pairs historical paintings with what the same place looks like today.

That evening I met Eugène for dinner to celebrate completion of the long essay he has been writing. We ate at a nearby restaurant he didn’t know, La Dilletante. I hadn’t been there either, so it was a bit of a risk, but it had terrific online reviews so we took a chance on it. It was really nice! The staff were young, cheerful and friendly (not always true in Paris!) and the food was very good.

At the end of the meal Eugène paid the restaurant a high compliment indeed: he plans to bring his mother there!

There was an amusing moment later in the evening, as we were looking at the web site of L’Opéra de Paris to see whether I might qualify for a senior discount. When I observed that I did seem to be eligible Eugène said, “You’re over sixty-five?” Scrupulously honest though I am, I also operate on a “need to know” basis, so I just said, “Yes.”