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Monday was our first full day. After a leisurely start we had lunch at Desvouges, which I had enjoyed with Jack a few weeks earlier. It was just as good, except there were no fish mains at all! Our genial host explained that they only serve fresh fish and the fishmongers are closed on Monday. I made up a perfectly nice meal from two appetizers, however, and Jared enjoyed his lunch as well.

Jared’s lunch at Desvouges

We then headed west! Our first stop was the beautiful fountain of des Quatres-Parties-du-Monde near the Observatoire. It offers a view down the length of the Jardin du Luxembourg all the way to the Senate. As we strolled in that direction we enjoyed the scenery.

La Fontaine des Quatre-Parties-du-Monde
Sunbather in the Jardin du Luxembourg
Sailboats and the French Sénat in the Jardin du Luxembourg.

We just kept strolling! All the way out to the 15ème arrondissement, then over to the Eiffel Tower, then along the Seine back home to the 5ème. Here are a few moments that Jared particularly enjoyed.

That evening we met up with Eugène for another nice meal at La Dilettante. My only critique is that it was quite loud, but that was because everybody was enjoying themselves so much!

Bob, Jared, Eugène and our amusing waitress at La Dilettante
My main course at La Dilettante, to reassure you that we aren’t starving here